The Power of Being Persistent

The Power of Being Persistent

As a mother of six beautifully unique children our home is filled with lots of love and laughter. Our children keep us busy so there is never a dull moment. From sun up to sun down all they want to do is play and enjoy each other’s company. I can honestly say that I am thankful for how well they work together. Of course no family is perfect. Children will have their likes and dislikes which make them who they are. Learning to embrace their personalities is always best. We have our picky eater, a loner, a boss baby, a people pleaser, a go with the flow child, and a one who always has a question up his sleeve. Getting to know each of them at their core is an ongoing process. They learn differently and view the world through separate lenses. As we watch them grow and become who they are created to be, we are blown away by the things that they teach us. If you haven’t realized it yet, children are some of the world’s greatest teachers. So my husband and I are always learning.

Just recently, I learned a major lesson from our oldest son. Some would say that he is a bit demanding. I would say that he is assertive. He knows what he wants and when he wants it. He’s always asking for things, from toys to food, to fun filled activities. If an hour goes by and he hasn’t asked a question then I would worry. That shows just how many questions he asks a day. Earlier, this afternoon, he came into the kitchen informing me that he was hungry. I kindly let him know that I was making something and it would be ready soon. About five minutes later he comes back into the kitchen, reminding me that he was still hungry and would like to eat sooner than later. I offered him some fruit and reminded him that the food would be ready shortly. I watched as he enjoyed his fruit and was hoping that it was satisfy him but of course it didn’t. He got up from the table and asked when his lunch would be ready and reminded me again that he was still hungry. By this point I was a bit frustrated with his repeated concerns. Cleary, he knew that food was on the way but I guess I just wasn’t moving fast enough. This made me work harder and faster to get him what he needed. And this is when I learned the power of being persistent.

In the book of Luke chapter 18 there is a passage about a widow and an unjust judge. The widow in this text was in need of something that only the judge could provide. She was a very persistent woman and did not take no for an answer. When her requests did not cease, the judge eventually grew tired of her complaints, and just provided her with what she wanted. In many ways we should be like this widow when it comes to the things that concern us.

Know that our Father is a just God and He is the only person that can properly manage all of our needs. Sometimes praying just once about a situation isn’t enough. We might have to use our moments, minutes, and days to really war and intercede for God’s blessings and will to be done. And unlike me, our God doesn’t get easily annoyed or frustrated. He wants us to keep asking. He knows that He is the only one with the right answer.  So whatever solution you are in need of today, know that He is able to provide it. He is waiting on you to submit your requests with faith and believe that His will will be done in your life. Join me in prayer as I ask God for everything that His word says I should have. We are His children and He wants nothing more than to be our loving and gracious Father. Call on Him today. He’s waiting to hear from you.

Every second of every day we are blessed with another opportunity to make the most out of our lives. Because our Minutes Matter, Marlia Bryonne believes that the greatest decision anyone will ever make is accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior. In Him there is fullness of joy. It is her desire to see women embrace His love and peace so that they can live lives free from shame, regret, and other negative mindsets. Marlia is a passionate writer and a speaker. She uses her gifts daily to service God’s people. Marlia is joined by her loving husband that supports her in ministry. Together they have total of six children. Their story is truly one of God’s grace where He took what was broken and made it whole. This is a message that she believes many can relate to. Please allow her transparency to assist you in valuing the moments and minutes of your life. Connect with Marlia on Instagram @marliabryonne Facebook as Marlia Bryonne or by email She would love to hear from you!

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