My Story

Here’s A Little About Me:

I figure I would start with a picture that illustrates the age I was when I fell in love with using words.

For quite some time I was a relatively easy, not too rebellious tween. However, in high school things changed quickly the cooler I tried to be! Mistakenly, I set my heart on changing the ‘bad boy’ in hopes of living happily-ever-after… I would naively pursue this goal and suffer unspeakable heart-break for far far too many years. I learned the hard way that, at some point, you deserve what you tolerate. You can read more about this here.

Once I had exhausted every effort of trying to manipulate, form and create the life I thought I wanted- the Lord gently and graciously made Himself apparent. In a sense, I challenged Him and every belief I had about who I thought He was and asked Him to show up. He did in a HUGE way. I surrendered what was left of my effort and heart to Him. In turn, He did something only a loving Daddy would do. He gave me a gift. Just when I decided I was content with singleness, He introduced me to a true gent. It wasn’t long after that I would fall in love with a dapper, handsome, dark haired gentleman who would woo my heart, change my name and teach me things I never knew about myself and the love of Jesus…

I got a good one gals, I really did.

After while, another man would enter my life. And this love, oh this love, is one unlike any other I had experienced before it… The love a momma has for her boy is something fierce.

Just when I thought my heart couldn’t possibly love more… The Lord blessed us with a sweet fluffy haired, light eyed baby girl- My Clara JOY!

When I am not wiping bottoms, feeding mouths or fetching hot wheels, I spend my time slowly counting minutes by seeing the miracles in each one… This picture below, this here is nothing short of a miracle… Two precious healthy little humans, entrusted to me to love and raise in this crazy fast paced world. I get to watch them change and grow. For a short time I even get to be the ‘one’ they would choose to play with, cuddle and kiss. Before that time passes, I want to experience it. Really, truly feel what it is that will soon only be remembered.

Life Verse: (That) He must become greater; (And) I must become less. (John 3:30 KJV)