Makers Mark

Makers Mark

I was grabbing my mini bible out of my purse tonight and as I was walking to my bed I casually asked God “God, are you able to recognize us, your battered people anymore?”

So many of God’s people are completely tore up from the floor up (my wording ha-ha) and for various reasons. Some have wandered away from the gospel or the call God has placed on their lives because things of this world are more enticing.

Several have ran as fast as they could from church because they were used, abused and then spit out. Affectedly they left, covering their wounds and scars, gingerly nursing their bitterness and unforgiveness and some might say–rightly so.

While others have stayed in the church and at this very moment in time are barely standing, holding their shield of faith and helmet of salvation with all the strength they can muster. Silently they pray for deliverance from their burdens, if even for a moment.

Maybe tonight you may feel as if you are sinking in a sea of regret and shame; longing to be healed and forgiven, but are wondering if you are too far-gone, unable to be loved, by a Holy God.

Again, I asked God “do you recognize your people amidst their wounds and wreckage”?

He answered quite simply… “Even when a car is totaled, do you not still see it’s “Makers Mark?” that floored me.

This year God said to me many; many times “He has neither forgotten nor forsaken His people”.

Maybe some of you reading this have walked completely away from God or what you are “called” to do and you feel as if you are broken, totaled, unrecognizable; no longer of any use.

Dear one, it is but, a lie.

God still sees you. He knows His Handiwork. He longs to do a diagnostic test on you, to begin to repair all the innermost parts of you that have been affected by the wreckage you have endured.

Someone is reading this tonight saying, “Well, a totaled car cannot be used”. Ah ha tis true! But He said “I CAN MAKE ALL THINGS NEW”!!

This fact remains, whether you choose to sit in a pile at life’s salvage yard, or get back on the road He has set before you, is your choice. His “Mark” will either be hidden cowardly under “life’s trash pile” or boldly advertising God’s ability to “make all things new”! The choice is always ours, but His Mark remains.

He says, “I know my sheep”. See, a “Maker“ distinguishes its vehicle intimately. He discerns everything about it and can spot it no matter where it is. He can tell you how well it can preform, and its weaknesses. He is able to tell you where the vehicle will be better suited for maximum potential and where it will be ill fitted. He knows intricate details; date of conception, color, make, model, where it was built. See, He doesn’t just care about how it will perform, He cares about it, ALL of it.

My point is this; your “Maker” is beckoning you to come back to your original design. Some of us He must reposition or realign because we were never meant to be what or where we currently find ourselves. Some of us simply just need a new paint job, buffing or a ding or two pulled out.

Then there are some who need the gentle hand of their “Maker” to mold them into something new entirely.
The decision is yours; you are the owner of your vessel. He will not begin His work – without your permission.

Gods most precious handiwork, aren’t you tired of hiding that ding, pulling and dragging that bumper or hauling that clanging, malfunctioning engine around with you every wherever you go?

Tonight the one whom designed and created you is beckoning you to allow Him to begin the labor he longs to do in and through you, to heal you, reform you, and place you on the journey he has divinely fashioned just for you.

I know that tonight my Maker, my Creator, in His shop, lovingly pointed out the various things I still need fixed and I encourage you to ask Him to reveal to you the work order he has compiled for you, so that He may redesign, align or remove areas that are holding you back from operating at maximum capability.

I am encouraged that although I have felt at times as if I was lying in a pile of wreckage, His name was still found lovingly written on me. He never forgot me. He has never forgotten you.

What an amazingly, loving and creative God that although we come in so very many shapes, sizes, makes and models and have endured such wreckage, He still knows each one of us by name.

Jesus knows what we were created to do and desires to see it accomplished! And although I (we) have gone outside of our design at times, though we have done more or less than we were created for, got lost on the journey of life and ended up with unnecessary dings and scratches; he still longs to re-form us, put us back on our way and says “no payment necessary beloved, I paid it ALL in full!”

Won’t you let Jesus begin His Handiwork and make you the shinning vessel you were created to be–once more?

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Ephesians 2:10
For we are God’s workmanship. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

2 Corinthians 5:17
This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!

About the Writer:

Kristi M. Stokes was born and raised on the West Side of Cleveland. At the age of 18 she began traveling as a missionary. Shortly after moving back to the States she migrated to Florida where she met and married her husband David of now, fifteen years. They currently reside in the state of Ohio. Having a passion for all things ministry Kristi has served as a Worship Leader, Church Admin, Pastor’s Assistant, Co-Youth Pastor and Associate Pastor during her ministerial career. She is currently working on her Doctorate in Pastoral Counseling and will be Board-Certified in Addiction Counseling. She has a passion for the lost and His broken people; she desires to be an instrument that leads Gods people to being healed and revived in order to fulfill their God given passions and purpose. Kristi loves to write, read and walk and has two male bi-blue Shelties, Koda and Fritz, who keep her very entertained.

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