Joy’s Story

Joy’s Story

Anxiety anyone?

Let me begin by saying that I love encouraging people. I love it when I can help someone see the positive side of a situation. I believe that most would consider me an extrovert and one that likes to have fun. This wasn’t always the case. For years I have been battling depression and ongoing anxiety. I can let fear overcome me in a moment. I can let fear take me to a place where happiness seems unattainable.   It became really bad about several years ago. My emotions were all over the place and I of course did what many people do. I assumed it was hormones and would eventually balance itself out. What I didn’t see was what it was doing to my family. One particular evening my emotions took over and words that were hurtful were coming freely out of my mouth. I ran upstairs to my room and threw myself over my bed. A named popped into my head. Not sure why. We weren’t close friends, only acquaintances at church. Maybe I was supposed to call her and ask her to pray for me. I dialed her number and did just that. She asked me if I would mind telling her what was wrong.

Words could hardly get out of my mouth because of the tears. Once I finished she quietly said “I understand.” She began to share with me her battle with the same issues. She comforted me, encouraged me, prayed for me and even offered to go to the doctor with me. She gave me hope, she gave me information but more importantly, she gave me a piece of herself that I know she doesn’t openly share. She gave me her authentic, transparent self. I made an appointment with my primary care doctor and healing began. She prescribed medication to help me manage my symptoms while I began therapy. After a lot of prayer, therapy, tears, and long talks with my new friend, I am much healthier mentally. I won’t go as far to say that my anxiety is totally gone but I can say that I have tools that manage the symptoms. Here are a few:

  • I try to get as much rest as possible.
  • I have learned what triggers my anxiety which helps me plan and prepare for those moments
  • I fully rely on God as my strength and rock
  • I count my blessings each day and always have something to look forward to. Some days it is a visit with my precious granddaughter while some days it is my flavored coffee creamer.
  • I have learned to recognize the voice of God and realize that fear and worry are not from Him!!!!

Until now I have been afraid to tell people about my struggle with anxiety. I was afraid they might judge me or think that I lack faith. I remember giving a talk on authenticity and in the middle of the talk, God asked me to tell my story. As my hands became sweaty and my mouth dry, I spoke the words that I felt ashamed to share. Once my session was over, a dear young mom approached me with tears in her eyes. She thanked me for sharing my story and she began to share her story. We cried and prayed together and then I thanked God for calling me to be authentic. I praised Him for nudging me and I thanked Him for allowing me to help another woman.Please allow me to do the same for you. Let me say three things:

  • You are not alone!
  • You are not less of a mom, wife, or woman!
  • You are loved beyond measure and you can be joyful!

If you would like to talk more with me about anxiety you can reach me here:

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