He cares guys.
About it all. The big, the little. Each detail. He seriously cares.
See that pic below?

I was driving home from Amish country in THE snow storm of 2019! I’m not gonna lie, my nerves were in overdrive as the majority of the first 45 minutes took me through winding country roads, hills and one laners- most of which were unplowed!😬

My knuckles were white, my stomach knotty and my prayers flowin’ for sure!

There was another storm brewing as I first set out. The darker it got outside the harder it was to see with the blowing snow. It was 3pm!
Oh the anxiety…🙀

Immediately, I prayed.

I didn’t just pray for safety.
I didn’t just pray for peace.
I didn’t just pray for clearing.

I prayed for the sun to stay on my car until I arrived safely in my driveway.
Legit- I asked God to shine the sun on my car the entire time.

You know why I prayed that? Because I trust with my entire heart that He is able to provide that for me. And I trust with my entire heart that He is still good even if He did not.
He is able. He is good.

Guys, The sun fought through the clouds the entire way home. In front of me and behind me were all kinds of dark clouds. There was even snow. But believe me when I tell you, one way or another the sun fought through…
(He always does 😉)

And I just want to tell you that He means what He says-

‘Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? And not one of them is forgotten before God.’ Luke 12:6

The details of the sparrow matter to Him. Oh friend, SO much more so does the details of our lives…

Just wanted to encourage you to do this- when you pray, talk to Him like you do your very best friend- but don’t stop there. Tell him the details of your concern.

But you have to meet him in that prayer with complete trust in His goodness and His character.
No matter how He answers.

You will be surprised by how personal He is when you start talking to him about the details. I promise.✋🏼

I am praying that we all experience Jesus like never before this year. So much of that starts in prayer.

He is wild about us!

Love you guys,


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