Feeling Flawed?

Feeling Flawed?


There were all of these leaves with holes.
Just hundreds of little holes.
As I walked and looked closer I thought of the word ‘filigree’. This word is normally used in regards to jewelry.
It means delicately made, with intricate detail, and it’s typically created by hand.

I picked up this leaf. I brought it home.
I needed it today.
I needed to see its beautiful detail, drawn together by tiny holes, dried veins, and fragile edges.
It was in the process of decomposing, and even then, beauty.

God whispered to my heart, “Josie, I see you. I know your ‘flaws’ better than you do. I’ve allowed these to be yours. It is through your holes that you look harder for Me, cling tighter to Me, and become more like Me. It is within the decomposing, the breaking down of those things you hold onto, put before me, in the decomposing of your effort and will, my sweet sweet daughter, there I AM and there is your beauty. Like this leaf will soon wither away, so too will your skin, here. BUT what I am working on, what I am creating in you, that THAT which is BEAUTIFUL, that will LAST FOREVER. Take heart my girl, this here is temporary. Your flaws? Love them and surrender them, because once their in My hands, they fall through the holes of grace, the holes of forgiveness, the holes of Love that I allowed to pierce through my hands just for you…

When your flaws fall through those holes, they have fallen away forever. I know it. You just need to believe it.

I love you. I have done all that is needed for you to live well there. Believe Me sweet girl,
My holes make you whole.


I didn’t expect such a deep lesson from a mere dried up leaf. But when the Lord wants me to ‘get’ something, He is usually pretty profound about it.

In the filigree of our making, the detail and all of our flaws, lies a BEAUTIFUL opportunity to give Him our brokenness, our holes, to be made whole…

Praying with you friends. Praying we will see His beauty in our flaws… He is so good and is truly a Master designer. Nothing without intention and purpose. NOT ONE PART OF US.

Hope this helps to make your #MinutesMatter a bit more tonight. Time with Him today changed me.

Love You,

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