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Josie would love to join you as you plan your next women’s event. Her passion to see women whole, healthy, and in pursuit of real relationships with God and each other, is inspiring and contagious.  She is intentional about delivering truths from God’s Word in a way that is relevant, applicable, enlightening, and full of humor!


What Others Are Saying…


“I could say a great deal about Josie’s giftedness in writing, speaking and connection with others, but what is most notable is evidence in each of those arenas that she loves the Lord with great depth and width, seeks to know Him intimately, and listens to His voice. That love for the Lord, and following Him closely, overflows into every thread of her life including the ministry work God has called her to. She has a unique way of connecting with women in the deep places of the heart. Her words, whether in conversation, in writing or speaking, draw others into the wonder, work and character of Christ.”
Leigh-Ann Brisbin
Director of Women’s Ministry
Cuyahoga Valley Church


“Josie has a unique way of speaking revival into ordinary crevices of life. Her transparent and humorous perspective on the moments that we all zoom through makes her audience, pause, think, examine and experience life with gratitude. Through her speaking and writing I have encountered God’s voice. She has helped me to slow down and inhale the goodness of each minute – sweet things about life that I would have otherwise missed. She has taught me how much minutes truly matter.”
Tesha Fritz


“There are few writers I can think of that touch the heart of a woman like Josie Valley. Her giftedness is being able to key in on the issues that reach into the unspoken hopes, fears, and needs of women of all ages. Her special giftedness is younger women who are at bay with all the expectations and changing roles of motherhood and womanhood in a society in crisis. She is a breath of hope and sanity in our floundering world.”
Pegi Powe
Director of Juvenile Justice Ministries
Greater Cleveland Youth for Christ




“I have known Josie for several years now both personally and professionally, but it wasn’t until recently that I had the opportunity to experience her as a speaker. I was completely blown away by her authenticity, compassion, and ability to keep the audience fully engage as she spoke. She took me on a roller coaster ride as I laughed, cried and walked away feeling encouraged and comforted by her words. Josie made me feel that although the room was full of other women, she had a word uniquely created for me. If you are considering Josie as a speaker for your next event, I’d stay without question in my mind, GO for it, you won’t regret it!”
Rachel G. Scott
Wife, Mother, Author, Co-Founder of Better Than Blended


“Josie Valley has a unique way of relating to women in any season of life. Her gentle spirit and vulnerability make her relatable and inspiring. Josie’s authentic self is apparent in her writing and speaking and her love for the Lord is evident. If you are looking for a speaker that will challenge you, inspire you and draw you closer to Christ, Josie is your gal.”
Joy Trachsel


“Having a pure and sincere heart for God is what I have witnessed in the life of Josie Valley. Josie’s unique gift of writing and speaking relates to the struggles faced by everyday ordinary women. She has a distinctive ability of making the Word of God relevant for today.”
Pastor Linda C. Isaiah
President of LCI Ministries

If you are interested in working with Josie for a women’s event or if you would like to commission her for a writing project, please use the following form:



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