Guess I like to think of this cozy little spot o’ internet as a home of sorts. Here, where Minutes Matter, is a safe haven for hearts- a soft place to land after a long day- a quiet little corner of comfy- you get it.

If you could sit here, like actually on a chair, I would hope you’d feel warmly welcomed.  The air would meet your nose with the sweet scent of cinnamon muffins, or the occasional poopie diaper, just keepin’ it real, and in hand would be a fresh cup of coffee or your favorite book.  Go ahead and get comfortable! You can even kick your feet up if you’d like, that’s what we do here, but know we’re gonna chat too… 😉

You know, I haven’t always been this passionate or this dedicated to seeing other women be whole and healthy.  However, once I knew that I never wanted another woman to waste precious time the way I did, (you can read about that here) I became committed to helping us make our Minutes Matter by  living intentionally and aware of how we spend our time here…

As a young girl, I always found myself looking for ways to encourage other women and tell them about the life-changing, real love of Jesus!  It was no surprise to anyone when the Lord led me to finish my Masters Degree in Biblical counseling in 2010 so that I could do just that.  

Before this took place however, I would often use written words to communicate deep thoughts and feelings.  In 2008 I started a blog on blogger that I really created just as therapy for myself.  It wasn’t long after that the Lord started urging me to share my thoughts publicly, this terrified me.  Little by little I did, and with each step of faith and obedience, I started to receive emails or phone calls of other women being encourage by what I was sharing. And what a blessing that is!

Since then I have made it my mission to encourage women to make the most of their time by making choices that glorify God, by living intentionally, by embracing their unique passion and purpose, and by leading lives that love and celebrate other women and their gifts.  

Women that make their Minutes Matter know what it is that matters most: God, family, fearless faith, transparent relationships, and living a life of purpose.

It is my heart’s desire to help you grow in God’s grace and purpose for your life so that you can look back on the time you spent here and feel confident that you spent it well!  

Time never stops… Our Minutes Matter so we must spend them wisely!

Thanks for sharing your time with me friend!

I look forward to growing with you!


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